See how business executives and individuals feel about Richard's seminars and workshops

Rich, sorry you are leaving Adventures in Achievement, as you have been a very valuable member of our Executive Team. Do keep in touch, Rich. I value your friendship.

Jim Rohn

Chairman of the Board - Adventures in Achievement

Richard, your involvement with HBW has been one of the best things that has ever happened to the company. Thanks for being there at just the right time.

Raymond Berry

NFL Hall of Fame Coach-New England Patriots

Richard, I am so impressed with your presentation and content that I am making it an integral part of the Helping Build Wealth Agency Development system. This information is, I believe, critical for the development of a successful individual and business. Your message is important and must be delivered. happened to the company. Thanks for being there at just the right time.

Barney Hellenbrand

CEO - Helping Build Wealth, Inc.

Richard, with deepest sincerity, I wish to offer my gratitude for your guidance and with great admiration, I wish to offer my congratulations for putting together the finest personal development program I have ever seen. Your program has been a great inspiration and has had a major influence on both my personal life and recent sales success.

Lamont Hess

President – Hess Insurance Agency

The net effect of attending your Lead by Example seminar was that I am better equipped and more effective as an executive and individual to operate at the highest level. Productivity increased, problems were dealt with and solved sooner and there was less stress in relationships. The seminar was worth thousands of dollars more than what we paid for it and the results will last a lifetime.

Rodney Bonvicino

Vice President – Applied Cable Technologies

Richard, as someone who does presentations for a living I recognize when a group is being impacted, and you impacted our group! The commitments that you were able to get our team to make, during your presentation has laid the foundation for a new standard of excellence for our people.

Ronald Marks

President - Results Seminars, Inc.

Richard, as part owner of one of the world’s largest training companies, I can say without hesitation that your inspiration, humor and personal style in Leadership training ranks among the best. The growth of my last venture, exceeding sales of $300 million, came about in large part from your personal insight and leadership that you brought to the organization.

David Wood

CEO – The American Dream Network

Thanks for bringing Richard Burnett on board as the consulting Vice President of Sales. I have paid for a lot of seminars, received a lot more as company provided training over the past 35 years. Some of those included Mike Ferry, Tony Robbins, and Stephen Covey. I can, without reservation state that the time we spent with Richard Burnett, was the most influential I have ever spent.


Agency Vice President - Helping Build Wealth, Inc.

My Dear friend Richard Burnett has tremendously impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people since I first met him in 1986. He has incredible insight into what it takes to move a person or organization to achieve their goals. Over the years, he has worked with several of my companies, and has always produced Outstanding results.

Karl Roller

Co-Founder & CEO – SavviDirect, Inc.

Richard Burnett can unleash the power in any organization. I have seen it firsthand. As a Consultant, Richard took my company from 20 good telemarketers to 20 Outstanding Telemarketers in 120 days. Sales went from a little over $98,000 a month to over $248,000 a month and they continued to climb based upon the systems he put into place.

Ray Latrell

Founder & CEO – First Capital Trading, LLC

As a direct result of Richard Burnett’s coaching I was able to take my income from $3,100 a month to $10,945 a month within 90 days.

Kirt Kosmicki

Las Vegas, Nevada

I have been attending Richard’s seminars for several years and I’ve been amazed by his tremendous presentations, his sense of humor and his incredible ability to get powerful messages across in a simple manner.

Fred Elias

Chicago, Illinois