Take Charge Seminar

take_charge_whiteboardThis one day seminar is designed for Professional Sales people but anyone would benefit from the material.  It is important to understand that personal development is the result of a process not an event.  By themselves seminars do not work.  There has to be a support system in place to reinforce the newly learned concepts so that you use them in your everyday life.

The difference between your income in the last twelve months and the next twelve months is called personal and professional development.  If you want to earn more you have to become more.  In this one day seminar you will learn:

  • How to overcome negative childhood experiences.
  • How to program yourself for success.
  • How to create happy and mutually rewarding relationships.
  • How to become an excellent communicator.
  • How to internalize the art of asking questions.
  • How to overcome the most frequent objections.
  • How to create clients for life.
  • How to achieve 100% of your goals.
  • How to Master Time Management
  • How to internalize the laws of money.

Satisfaction GuaranteedThe fee for this seminar is $499 per person and includes a one hour follow up either live or via telephone.  The seminar has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  For those interested, there is an ongoing support system to reinforce the seminar material.

Only $499 per person

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