Richard Burnett Short Bio

G. Richard Burnett, CEO and Founder

Richard Burnett began his career in sales and marketing in 1971 and for the last 46 years has been a Sales and Leadership consultant in the direct sales and the financial services industry. In addition to being involved in 15 startups, he has been the Senior Adviser to the CEO of three different companies one of which was a public company. As a corporate officer, he has been responsible for as many as 100,000 independent representatives in seven countries.

Richard has conducted seminars on personal development, sales and leadership for over 800,000 participants. Richard served for three years as the VP of Corporate Sales for Jim Rohn’s company Adventures in Achievement, Inc. Currently as the founder and CEO of the Richard Burnett Group, Inc., Richard’s focus is on providing sales and leadership seminars for small to medium sized companies.

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